About Us

About Jobbzy

With the ever-increasing costs of university tuition fees and the wide range of materials accessible on the internet that you can learn from, many creatives are choosing not to go to university. However, one of the most invaluable resources you get at university that is hard to obtain anywhere else is contacts and networking.

This is where Jobbzy comes in, we link users to local and global companies to provide their talents for free and in return, you receive invaluable networking contacts and resume experience.

Jobbzy was started for one simple reason. Nothing else like it exists. After I left university, I contacted everyone I could in my local area offering to work for free in exchange for knowledge, skills and valuable experience to put on my resume. However, I received no responses and it was then that I realised how difficult it is to get experience in a new field when you do not already have previous experience or qualification.

So after months of contacting, searching and not getting anything back, I decided to provide this platform myself in a hope that it would aid others in similar situations.

We hope to provide a platform that helps you to change your life and give you the experience needed to get the job you not only love but deserve. As Jobbzy grows we aim to continue to develop our services to give you even more aid which will take you down your true path and not a temporary one.

We are always open to how we can improve our services so please do not hesitate to contact us with any ideas.

How It Works