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How It Works

About Jobbzy

What is Jobbzy?

Jobbzy is a platform for people across the globe who have talents and skills. It gives people the opportunity to develop their passions into their dream career, without the necessity of a degree.

Who is it for?

Jobbzy has been specifically designed for creative, talented people who want to turn their hobbies into careers, but have no qualifications in their new field. Qualifications do not matter at Jobzzy, all you need is a burning passion and willingness to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

A creative member is someone who signs up to Jobbzy to offer their skills and services to businesses who request it, free of charge, to obtain experience, networking contacts and resume filling work.
A business member is any Business, Charity or Nonprofit either local to you, around the country or globally which requests the assistance of creative members to help them with whatever creative task they require.
Yes, Jobbzy is a free service and there are no subscription fees or hidden costs. All we ask is that you whitelist us on any ad blockers you may be using.
As per the Terms and Conditions, you provide your services to Business members with the full rights to use the content you create for whatever purpose they desire, be it internal or commercial and in return, you gain invaluable experience for your resume and networking contacts.

Only Businesses, Charities and Nonprofits can message creative members. This is to help prevent an overwhelming amount of messages these profiles would receive. So try to stand out as much as possible and remain active to improve your chances of being contacted!

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